About the project: As the world’s largest chemical producer, BASF innovates products and services for performance chemical products, plastics, crop protection, gas, and oil. They use chemistry to maintain the highest level of responsibility with our environment, and contribute to the economy to create a sustainable future.
BASF seeks to keep creativity at their forefront to create chemical solutions for clients that are safe, reliable, and effective. Through research, they find the most innovating solutions to their client’s problems, while keeping the environment as their main priority. Every day, BASF works towards improving the environment one step at a time. 
BASF’s current branding lacks transparency, simplification, and brand awareness. The company does a large amount of work, yet they do not necessarily showcase their brand. They rely on reputation from the past that could potentially hinder acquiring new clients. Clients appreciate brands that are transparent about what they do, and how they execute product creation in order to build trust. Their brand speaks volumes to an audience that understands chemistry on a higher level, but not to those who are not experts in chemistry. For this case study, the project aims to change that. 

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